Volltext: Patterns of culture

The three primitive peoples described in this volume have 
been chosen because knowledge of these tribes is com- 
paratively full and satisfactory and because I was able to 
supplement published descriptions with many discus- 
sions with the field ethnologists who have lived intimately 
with these peoples and who have written the authoritative 
descriptions of the tribes in question. I have myself lived 
several summers in the pueblo of Zuüi, and among some 
of the neighbouring tribes which I have used to contrast 
with pueblo culture. I owe a great debt to Dr. Ruth L. 
Bunzel, who learned the Zuñi language and whose 
accounts of Zuñi and collections of texts are the best of 
all the available pueblo studies. For the description of 
Dobu I am indebted to Dr. Reo F. Fortune's invaluable 
monograph, The Sorcerers of Dobu, and to many delight- 
ful conversations. For the Northwest Coast of America 
I have used not only Professor Franz Boas’s text publi- 
cations and detailed compilations of Kwakiutl life, but 
his still unpublished material and his penetrating com- 
ment upon his experience on the Northwest Coast extend- 
ing over forty years. 
For the presentations here I am alone responsible and 
it may be that I have carried some interpretations fur- 
ther than one or another of the field-workers would have 
done. But the chapters have been read and verified as 
to facts by these authorities upon these tribes, and ref- 
erences to their detailed studies are given for those who 
wish to consult the full accounts. 
I wish to make grateful acknowledgment to the orig- 
inal publishers for permission to reprint certain para- 
graphs from the following articles: “The Science of 


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